Camelot Series

Camelot, created by Chris Chibnall, is envisioned as being a series that begins with the birth of Arthur and runs through the Arthurian legend. According to recent reports such as this one, the series is based specifically on Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte Darthur, published by William Caxton in 1485 and considered to be the most authoritative English version of the Arthurian legend. However, in light of comments made by Chris Chibnallconcerning the inclusion of graphic sex scenes, as well as the fact that Morgana, Arthur’s half-sister and a very minor figure in Malory’s text, will play a prominent role in the series, it appears that the adaptation will be taking liberties with its stated source material.


Although full casting details are not yet available, the major cast for Camelot has recently been announced. Jamie Campbell Bower, who was featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows and Twilight: New Moon, will be playing the role of King Arthur, and Tamsin Egerton, heretofore unknown to American audiences, will portray Guinevere. Joseph Fiennes, most recently seen in in the canceled series Flashforward and best-known for his portrayal of William Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love, will be playing Merlin, and former Bond girl Eva Green is featured as Morgana. Other casting decisions that have been announced include Clive Standen as Gawain, Claire Forlani as Igraine, Arthur’s mother, Peter Mooney as Kay, and James Purefoy as King Lot. In addition to these character roles, a number of stunt doubles has been cast as well.